My tailored writing services help people and businesses tell interesting and informative stories about themselves.

Like most people I have an ego, but I'm far more interested in how my well-chosen words will make the people and businesses I write for really shine!

I work with warmth, understanding and lashings of humour wherever possible – though I take my clients' needs seriously and I'll work hard and for as long as it takes to get your story absolutely right. I have an unhealthy obsession with doing a good job.

I just wanted to say that I think you did a super job on my CV, and I very much appreciated the conversation we had as part of the process - I really felt that you were trying to understand my motivations and priorities in order to reflect them well on the CV, and I think it does just that!

- Mark, London – career change CV

I don't work from templates, and most of my services begin with a consultation, either face to face or via telephone/Skype. Talking to you is how I can best understand your story and how to tell it, and this personalised approach is the reason I can offer so much versatility in the services I provide.

Everyone is different, everyone's story is different, and whether you're looking for some glossy website copy for your new business, you're a 62 year-old welder who has always wanted to see your life story on paper, or you're an 18 year-old college leaver looking to put your first CV together, we'll work together so that you sound like you.

My previous life as a City-based Head of HR for a number of assorted industries means that I'm able to provide real-world advice on recruitment issues from both sides of the interview desk. I've written and scrutinised more CVs than I care to mention and I've learned more than enough from my own recruitment-based blunders in the early days of my career, to be able to pass on some sound and robust insights that really work.

When you speak with me, I hope you'll find me friendly and approachable, quick to get to the point of your story, and someone who tries very hard indeed never to use confusing jargon.

some facts about me

  • I used to cry – loudly – at junior school whenever my teacher asked me to read any of the stories I'd written out loud to the whole class (luckily I've become more confident as the years progressed).
  • I taught my baby sister how to read and write when we were little. She remains hugely grateful to this day.
  • When I first started out in recruitment many moons ago, there were a few times when I hired the wrong people for jobs just because I felt sorry for them. Sometimes this approach worked out, and sometimes it really didn't!
  • I used to work as a Samaritan volunteer, regularly doing the 'interesting' Saturday night shifts .
  • I've written CVs for some very unusual people, such as television producers, rock star publicists and Middle East war strategists.
  • I once won an out-of-date bag of honeycomb and a Bic biro for having the best handwriting in my school.
  • I've spent the past five years learning Russian so that I could try to read 'War and Peace' in the original language. So far, I can order a glass of wine and complete a small selection of children's crosswords.