I use my creativity to help express yours.

From the moment I could hold a pen, writing has been my best friend.

Creativity and individual self-expression have always been important to me. I used words and stories to help me navigate a difficult childhood, shaky teenage friendships, a divorce, and a dull career (not this one, in a previous life I was a corporate HR Manager).

I just wanted to say that I think you did a super job on my CV, and I very much appreciated the conversation we had as part of the process - I really felt that you were trying to understand my motivations and priorities in order to reflect them well on the CV, and I think it does just that!

- Mark, London – career change CV

Life-wise, I've always been more of an observer than a participant - a useful trait that helps me home in on what others really want to say. So whether you’re struggling with a blog post, web copy, or something a bit deeper, I'll get to the heart of your message.

I'm trained to listen non-judgementally, while my experience as an eclectic reader and an articulate writer will help translate your thoughts and ideas into original, 'must-read' writing that speaks with your own voice.

(If you're not sure what form all that will take just yet, don't worry. There will be a wonderful moment in our conversation when your eyes will light up, or your speech will be more animated, and I'll know that's what we need to focus on. Not to blow my own trumpet, but so far I haven't been wrong).

Not only am I a really good writer, but working with me is a largely painless process my clients have described as “insightful”, “enlightening” and even “rather fun” on occasion.

Why not take a look at my Services page - or better still, schedule a free, friendly chat - to see how I could help you? Just click the link below to arrange a date and time.

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some facts about me

  • I used to cry – loudly – at junior school whenever my teacher asked me to read any of the stories I'd written out loud to the whole class (luckily I've become more confident as the years progressed).
  • I taught my baby sister how to read and write when we were little. She remains hugely grateful to this day.
  • When I first started out in recruitment many moons ago, there were a few times when I hired the wrong people for jobs just because I felt sorry for them. Sometimes this approach worked out, and sometimes it really didn't!
  • I used to work as a Samaritan volunteer, regularly doing the 'interesting' Saturday night shifts.
  • I've written CVs for some very unusual people, such as television producers, rock star publicists and Middle East war strategists.
  • I once won an out-of-date bag of honeycomb and a Bic biro for having the best handwriting in my school.
  • I've spent the past five years learning Russian so that I could try to read 'War and Peace' in the original language. So far, I can order a glass of wine and complete a small selection of children's crosswords.