I'm one year old this week!

This week, I’ll have been in business as Nina The Writer for a year.   A whole year!

To celebrate, I’ve reposted a piece from my ‘Time for Newness’ career change blog, written around this time last year (as a massive plug, this will of course also be featured in my upcoming book!).  I started that blog back in January 2016, with no idea where it would lead - all that really seems a lifetime ago now.

Next week there won’t be any posts, as I’m taking some time off and since I’m always writing about the importance of taking a break, it’d be bad form not to take one myself, right?

So…here’s to my first year, and fingers crossed there’ll be more to come!

New Life, Day One (17th June 2016)

So that's it.  I’ve finally freed myself from that most dreaded of bland introductory sentences: "Me?  Oh, I’m an HR Manager for a travel company.” 

Because as of today, that's what I'm not!

I keep having to remind myself not to feel too overwhelmed, which is partly why for today at least, I haven't planned to do very much.  It's tempting to give in to that brimming feeling of fear that comes from Not Doing Anything At All; a feeling I've been battling against for most of my life.  All too often I self-prescribe "Action!" - any action at all; anything to stop myself from just sitting around and fading away, when in fact prior thought and planning would have been far better.

This means that my first order of business is to think properly, and to strategise. Because I'm in this for the long-term.  I'm not afraid of failure, as long as said failure comes after I throw everything I’ve got at my new way of living and working, and said failure means I simply have to accept that everything I’ve got wasn't enough, and  to move on with a battered suitcase stuffed full of lessons learned.

I'll only be worrying about failure if it comes from a lack of effort; from a lack of the sort of combined thought and action that actually gets things done and makes me happy.  Sounds easy, eh?  It won't be, but I'm genuinely looking forward to giving it all a good go.  I can't help feeling that “giving it all a good go” will have to be a solid sentiment I'll need to thread through everything I do, think and feel over these next few all-important months as I try to build my new business and live my writer's life.

Today I feel a bit like Dame Ellen MacArthur (not that I'm suffering from any delusions of grandeur, honestly!) as she set sail for her momentous solo circumnavigation of the globe.  Her friends would have clapped her on the back for being so wonderfully brave; she'd have planned her voyage in a haze of congratulations and optimism, but then she actually had to put all those plans into action and do what she said she was going to do.  Set sail on her own against the fickleness of the weather and the turbulence that would surely come, keep herself company on all the boring days when nothing would happen at all, and that would be it.

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