The key to blogging confidence: just do it!

Last week I ran my first ever workshop on blogging for business.  I spent a lot of time beforehand on planning my content, thinking about the advice I wanted to give, along with questions I could ask the group that might start an interesting discussion.

One of the questions I wanted to ask was about ‘blogging barriers’.  What was stopping the group from writing blog posts, when we know how beneficial it is for businesses to publish regular content? 

The answers, I thought, would be “lack of time” and “problems coming up with ideas regularly enough”, so I planned my responses accordingly.  Yet when I asked that question on the day, the overwhelming response was “lack of confidence”.

I’ll confess: I’ve been blogging so regularly, and for so long, that I had completely forgotten the confidence it takes to write something, then put it out there to be read and dissected by anyone and everyone. 

When I thought back to when I first started out, writing my first business blog post and anxiously hitting ‘Publish’, there were butterflies in my stomach.  That first post had felt momentous.  I was making myself visible to the world as a writer, and what if the world didn’t like what I had to say?

If lack of confidence is stopping you from blogging, my one piece of advice is: just do it!   The beauty of blogging is that it’s a far less formal way of communicating with people, which means you can write from the heart and in a more relaxed manner than you’d get away with using for web copy or informative articles.

Through blogging, you’ve got the chance to showcase the friendly and personal side of your business, and if you post content regularly, you’ll build a network of followers that will start looking out for your latest updates.

During my workshop, I shared my ‘blogging formula’ with the group:

Useful + entertaining + regular = success!

It’s not hard to be useful, when you’ve got so much insider knowledge about your industry and how your company makes customers’ lives better.  If you’re sharing useful information in an informal style, it’s likely it’ll be entertaining, and if you post useful and entertaining content regularly, you’ll start building a following. 

Your business will soon become friendly and familiar, so that when your followers need to use your services, or they know someone else who might, it’ll be easy for them to remember who you are and what you do.  That, in my book at least, equals success!

The best thing about running my workshop was that some of the group told me afterwards how they’d felt newly inspired and confident about blogging. 

Within a day, one had posted a heartfelt story about how she’d been inspired to start her specialist catering business because her son suffered from serious food allergies, so she’d had to learn different ways to prepare meals without compromising on taste.  It was a warm and uplifting post that generated a lot  of engagement, and by telling a personal story she had given people a reason to connect with her business.

Just like most things in life, not everybody will engage with your posts, but why would you care about that?  You’re not looking for the whole world’s approval, anyway.  As long as you target your content to your ideal audience and remember the blogging formula, you will build a following of people who are primed to work with or recommend you.

As far as I know, no business has ever been brought to its knees by a humble blog post, so what are you waiting for?  Confidence comes from competence and practise, and once you’ve built that following, I’m willing to bet that you’ll be the one forgetting how nervous you felt when you published that first post!

If you really don’t have time to write content, or you’re struggling for blog post ideas, I’m here for you!  If you’d like to be sent a one-page summary from my blogging workshop, simply drop me an email.

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