Why you definitely shouldn't write a book in a weekend!

“WRITE A BOOK IN A WEEKEND!” shouted the banner, proudly displayed at an event I visited a while back.  The person behind it was passionate about business people getting their knowledge out into the public’s hands, and they came equipped with plenty of personal charisma to illustrate their point.

Yet when I opened the book this person had “written in a weekend”, it was not only rambling and completely lacking any of its author’s real-life charm and personality, but it contained three spelling mistakes on the first page alone. 

You could argue that none of this really matters – the point is that you’re supposed to be writing about what you know, not showing off your personality and impeccable spelling.  But the chances are that if this person (and many others just like them) had put a bit more time and care into what their potential customers are reading, they’d have a lot more of them.

Not that I’m necessarily advocating my own approach – it’s taken me fifteen years to piece together enough self-penned material to put into a book of my own, and my first novel is on its final draft, still in the process of being completed five years after I came up with the original idea for it! 

(I hasten to add that any client work I do usually operates on a much faster turnaround time.  Usually).

But the basic point remains – if you’ve written a book, then it makes sense to ensure it’s showcasing you and your business to their maximum effects, surely?  Why bother writing it otherwise? 

Besides, nobody’s particularly impressed with book writers any more, because there are so many of them out there.  Anyone can write a book and publish it quickly and relatively cheaply now – so isn’t that yet another reason for your book to stand out by actually being a bit good? 

So do yourself and your readers a big favour and invest some time – more time than one weekend – by getting feedback on whatever you’ve written, and then edit the life out of it until it reads smoothly and invisibly, leaving your readers with the firm impression that not only do you know what you’re talking about, but you know how to say it in a captivating way, too.

This leads me nicely on to the book I’m trying to get out there at the moment. Following independent feedback from some very helpful and patient people, I’ve changed its title and introduction twice, and I’m finally in the process of getting some cover design and publishing quotes.  It’s all very exciting, and all will be revealed soon!

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