How to write interesting content for any business (even yours)

Is your business too boring to write about?  The simple answer is no!  But if you clicked on this post because you suspect it might be, you’re not alone. 

Judging by the responses I often hear when I explain that I write content for a living, most people think their profession or business isn’t exciting enough to be written about. 

Naturally I see this as a challenge!  But if I’m being honest, not a particularly difficult one.  This is because any business can be written about in an interesting and engaging way (yes, even yours).

Whatever you do or sell, keep in mind that it won’t be boring to everybody.  If your business is even mildly successful, that means there’s a need for it.  It means you already have an audience who are at least vaguely interested in what you do, and countless others who’d like to know more – even if they don’t know it yet! 

The trick is simply not to tell people about your business in a boring way.

Behind every business is a story

The ‘About’ page on your website is a good place to tell your story.  Other companies may do what you do, but the way you started doing it, your values and your personal approach are unique.  

Tell your audience about them, and let people get to know you and your team better. 

View your business through customers’ eyes

Browse the internet to see what people are saying about your industry, and what kind of questions people are asking.  These are all potential topics for blog posts, articles or social media updates.  

Use surprising facts as the basis of your content

Industry facts that you take for granted could amaze your unenlightened audience.  For example, a toothpaste manufacturer will probably already know that there are over 100 types of toothpaste available. 

Sharing this (frankly astounding!) fact can be the basis of many other content pieces.  Why so many, and how do you choose the right one?  How did people clean their teeth before toothpaste was invented?  What other toothpaste flavours have been launched, and why haven’t they worked?

Be engaging – and useful

Inform your readers in ways they might not expect, and make sure your content is of use to them.  A specialist cleaning company could talk about easy home-made stain removal remedies.  An accountant could write a real-life case study about how they solved a tax issue for a client, rather than listing regulations and deadlines.   

(Nationwide Building Society have done this to great effect with their recent ‘Voices of the People’ marketing campaign, celebrating people’s real-life experiences of moving house and saving money).

Turn the subject around

For example, insurance companies or Health and Safety consultants could tell potential customers about how not using their services could be potentially disastrous! 

Think laterally

If you really can’t face writing about your business directly, how about finding something related and linking it back to your company?  You could discuss the expectations of ‘professional’ business dress, or what makes great online customer service – all issues that are guaranteed to get people talking.

Looking for some non-boring content before Christmas?  There’s still time to create something magical!  Simply get in touch to make a start.

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