Get ahead: by hiring a writer who doesn't understand your business!

You might wonder if I’m being serious.  How can someone who doesn’t understand your business possibly be qualified to write about it, let alone explain all the complexities of your industry to the uninitiated?  How could someone who knows nothing about accountancy, for example, be expected to produce a series of lengthy blog posts about tax legislation?

But let’s think about it for a moment: if you weren’t already an accountant, would you actually want to read a series of lengthy blog posts about tax legislation? 

This question illustrates the first benefit of working with an industry-uninitiated writer.  Unhampered by intricate terminology and industry jargon, yet armed with creative insight and practical skill, a good writer will help you get straight to the heart of what your customers actually want to know. 

In our accountant’s example, prospective clients will simply want to know that you understand tax legislation, so they don’t have to! – along with an assurance that their tax returns will be submitted on time.

Give yourself a gift: look at your business with a fresh pair of eyes

If your writer isn’t familiar with why and how your company does what it does, you’ll have to explain it.   

That might sound like an inconvenient task at first, but in the course of one simple conversation you’ll not only be brought refreshingly back to basics about your business, but you’ll get the opportunity to rediscover what makes you unique. 

Unless you’re in a highly specialised industry, it’s likely you’ll have competitors, and to produce relevant and engaging content, your writer will need to understand what stands you out from them.  

(Personally, I haven’t met with one business owner yet where this hasn’t been immediately obvious!  There’s always something about the way people describe their business and their personal approach to their work, that makes their eyes light up.  When this happens, I know immediately that we’ve hit on the uniqueness I need to work on for them – and so far, I haven’t been wrong).

A good writer will develop a strong relationship with you over time, getting to understand your business so well that a few sentences or a brief call from you will be all that’s needed to spark creative ideas and produce energising, ideal audience-grabbing content.  Not a bad exchange, when you think about it!

A quick content-energising checklist

Not in a position to hire a writer just yet?  Here’s how to start breathing new life into your content:

-       Ask someone unfamiliar with your industry what they would like to know.  

-       Check in with some of your most valued customers.  Why have they chosen to work with you?

-       Take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves and look at what your competitors are doing and saying (I lose count of the businesses I meet that don’t do this.  But you really have to, if you want to be confident about standing out).

I hope that’s helped you make a good start!  If you’d like to know more, why not get in touch for a no-obligation chat? 

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