Ghost stories…how shadowy script can light up your life and work

Like a lot of people, I first heard about the concept of ghostwriting through that great British entrepreneur herself, Katie Price, whose collection of romance novels she freely admitted weren’t actually written by her.  I remember talking about this ‘new’ concept with my friends, wondering why any writer worth their salt would write something they wouldn’t see their name proudly attached to (although to be fair, we could sort-of see why Katie’s author might have wanted to remain anonymous!)

In later years, the pre-Christmas glut of celebrity autobiographies we see in the shops have almost certainly been penned by ethereal figures, and now hardly anyone bats an eyelid at the concept of ghostwriting, which is firmly accepted as the celebrity way of getting a quick book on the market.

Did you know, though, that hiring someone else to write for you can have benefits that go beyond the WHSmith bargain bin?

There’s a reason for the saying “everyone‘s got a book in them.”   It’s because we all have stories to tell…about life, love, family and everything in between.  But not everybody is gifted enough with words to be able to tell them, which is where a professional writer can be worth their weight in gold.  Someone who writes for a living will be able to draw out all those stories living and breathing inside you, and they’ll find a way of telling them that sounds uniquely like you.

It doesn’t have to be your own story, of course.  Family memoirs can be a wonderful way of passing on your personal tales and memories to new generations.  If you own a business, there’s every chance you’ll be far too busy to keep your website browsers – and potential clients – updated with your insider industry knowledge or existing client case studies, but research shows that updating your company’s blog regularly means you’ll be found on search engines more easily, as well as generating even more business.  A ghost blogger can really be the answer to your prayers!

Far from ghostwriting being an under-appreciated way to write, I’m currently working with a local businessman on his autobiography.  Full of intrigue and interest, I’m very proud that I’m able to help him tell his story to the world, in his own way.  Bring on the spirits – in every sense of the word!

Can I be your ghost this Hallowe’en and beyond…if so, why not contact me for a chat?

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