For that special person who has everything, give the gift of words

If you’ve got a loved one’s milestone birthday (or any birthday, for that matter!) coming up and you’re struggling to think of a present, how about writing down some words that tell them how much they mean to you?

I’ve heard many people say they much prefer birthday cards to presents, usually because a card is far more personal.  Note, though, that scribbling “Happy Birthday, hope it’s a good day” inside a Clinton’s ‘99p for five’ special offer doesn’t count…in that case they most likely would prefer the present, so get saving!

One of my favourite writing assignments these days is helping people express their feelings for somebody special, because the hand-written word has so much positive power.  Even more so in a time when people send emails instead of letters, or order cards online that are simply printed out and sent.  Over the years I’ve kept every one of the special messages people have sent to me…and there isn’t one email or printed card amongst them. 

For my own significant other’s recent milestone birthday, I asked his friends – all scattered in different countries and some he hadn’t seen in years – to write something about their friendship with him, so I could put the memories together into a scrapbook. 

I was half-worried that people would find the request too challenging or time-consuming, but I needn’t have.  People really seemed to relish the opportunity to write down their memories and the wonderful stories and in-jokes that came flooding back were so amazingly heart-warming to read. I recommend doing something similar to anyone looking for a special gift that’s entirely unique.

So if you’re feeling inspired but find it hard to think of exactly what you could write, I recommend you start by grabbing a piece of scrap paper, thinking about that special person for a moment and scribbling down the first few happy thoughts that flash into your head.

If you’re really writing to someone special, you’ll have countless memories to choose from…probably none of which would make proper sense to anyone else, but that your special person will recall – along with a huge grin! – immediately.   It’s the kind of grin you just won’t get from a scented candle or an iTunes gift card, so why not try giving words as a gift for the next special occasion you celebrate?

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