How is a job like a relationship? Let us count the ways!

If you want to know what your real attitude to romantic relationships is, you could do worse by looking at your current job. Not what you do for a job specifically, but the level of commitment outlined in your employment contract (and if you don’t have a contract then I’m sorry, but your job doesn’t love you back).

On that basis directorships are the most committed, coming with high social status and a lot to lose – i.e. the most like a traditional marriage, with temp jobs akin to a quick ‘it didn’t mean anything’ fling.  

Just like in love, a lot of people end up confused by their working lives; stuck in that place where they’re looking to commit but are not sure what they have is actually worthy of their commitment. 

But of course the similarity doesn’t end there.  Working lives can also be compared with romantic relationships in the following ways:

- The recruitment ad is just like an online dating profile – with promises of a rewarding relationship and a gleaming future along with endless benefits and absolutely no baggage or downsides.   Usually prepared by the very last person who should have written it.

- Your colleagues are like your partner’s friends, in that you start off wanting them to like you, then gradually realise that whether they do or not, they’re not going anywhere so you have to be nice or face a whole world of hassle.

- Talking about past jobs is frowned upon…unless you’re trying to make your current job jealous by using the past as a form of passive-aggressive one-upmanship (Oh?  Well, in my last job I got a free lunch every Friday…)

- If you cheat on your job by arranging clandestine meetings with recruitment agents or flirting with the online job boards because your current job just “doesn’t understand who you really are”, you’d better be quiet about it. Even if you think your job already knows, deep down, that something isn’t quite right.

- If you want to leave your relationship for a new one, you hand in your notice, coast for the last few weeks and then get a speech and a nice little gift rewarding all your lovely hard work.

- (That last point may not have been very accurate).

Are you looking for a new job – or even a new relationship! – in 2017? I can help you write an online profile that will attract the right people and sound like you at your absolute best. Why not get in touch for a chat?

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