Do you like reading? Are you opinionated? Then read on...

I’ve written a book!

To be more specific, I’ve painstakingly created a book from the various blog posts and articles I’ve been writing over the past fifteen years. 

(That may sound like a hugely daunting reading prospect, but rest assured that my selection and editing processes were painstakingly brutal).

Said book, entitled ‘Why I’m Different’, includes lots of hugely profound and hilariously witty insights into the following subjects:


-Popular culture

-Reading and writing

-Work and career change


-Life’s little quirks

Anyway, following six months of reading, editing, re-reading and then everything going worryingly blurry, ‘Why I’m Different’ is now in “it’s finished, but it would be useful to get some insightful feedback before it’s published” stage.  So…

…I’d really like to recruit a small group of volunteers who would be willing to look over the book’s introduction and some sample pages, then answer a few simple questions about what they’ve read. 

If this sounds like something you might consider, it would be particularly great if:

-You don’t know me all that well, or we’ve never met

-You like reading and offering opinions

-Honesty is your middle name (false praise doesn’t interest me, and I find the real kind a bit embarrassing.  What I would really appreciate is a true account of what you like and don’t like – and if you don’t like any of it, telling me won’t leave you fearing for your life).

Unfortunately I can’t offer any payment in return for your opinions, but when I publish the book you would be very welcome to a free copy, along with my immense gratitude of course!

If you’d like to volunteer as a test reader then firstly, thank you.  Secondly, please get in touch at [email protected] 

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