Personal copywriting - attract a new boss AND a new relationship with the perfect profile!

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Attract a new boss AND a new relationship?  It’s easier than you think, now that you can find both online.   All you have to do is make yourself sound as attractive and as capable as you are.  Easy!  So how do you get started?

- Firstly, remember that a person who clicks on your profile is basically giving you time and permission to tell them about yourself.  It can really help to imagine you’ve got your ideal person – say Richard Branson, or even the newly-single Brad Pitt! – sitting opposite you in a coffee shop, just waiting for you to explain exactly how you’re going to make their business, or their romantic life, even better!  What will you say to them?

- If you’re struggling with imaginative ways to describe yourself, you could ask a friend to identify some of your qualities by describing you in five words, for example.  If you find that far too cringe-making, try turning the tables.  What would you like to know about Richard or Brad, or whoever it is you’re imagining?  Use those questions as a starting point for yourself.

- Should you use first or third person?  For dating profiles first person is a given, which tells you something; generally if you’re selling yourself, or you’re looking to make genuine personal connections, first is better.  Going back to our coffee shop analogy, writing about yourself in the third person is a bit like having another person sitting beside you, telling Richard or Brad all about you, while you sit there in silence!

- Really good profiles aren’t all things to everyone – they’re simply you, explained in relevant detail.  So try not to use clichés.  For dating, the most overused phrase by far is “I love snuggling on the sofa with a bottle of wine and a DVD” and for professional profiles a lot of people use something along the lines of “results-driven professional.”  Be more original than that…

 - …what are the things you’re specifically good at, and how do you go about doing them?  After all, there are a lot of people who have the same job title as you, or who like the same films and music.  If you’re in customer services, for example, is complaint resolution your strong point?  If so, what’s your complaint-resolving approach?  Do your friends say you’re caring and considerate in relationships?  How – perhaps you make breakfast in bed, or provide a sympathetic listening ear.  Describe your strengths, and you will stand out.

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