Ramp up your summer content to reap winter rewards

It’s finally summer.  Days are sunny and long, desks are empty and minds are wandering. 

Nobody does anything in summer, it’s a fact.  Best to wait until everyone’s back from holiday to get started on stuff.

If this is your approach to these lazy days of sunshine, you’re missing a trick. 

Aside from the mandatory two weeks away, people are languishing at their desks, with plenty of summer time to kill.  We’ve already established that hardly anybody is in full work mode, which means you’ve got a fantastic opportunity to distract people.

For starters, just think of all those Google searches made by the office-bound during summer.  Their surroundings have never looked more dingy, their colleagues are away, and their bored minds are desperate to latch onto something fun and interesting for a while.

That’s where you come in!

Many people abandon their content updates during summer, because they assume nobody will be reading them.  But they will.  Trust me. 

My career change from HR to writing began one sunny afternoon at the office.  If you’re not happy at work, summer can feel unbearable.  It’s all about ice-cream, fun and carefree-ness; all things a bad career stops you from enjoying properly.  Not to mention the extra time you’ve got to think about it all!

So I Googled ‘career change’, then spent some time narrowing down which of the many consultancies I might want to work with.  I read blogs, followed stories and made plans…which I was finally able to put into action the following year.

The moral is this: a lot of idle thoughts and half-baked plans take shape in summer, even if you don’t get to know about them until winter.  Help fuel those plans, and you're far more likely to engage people.  They may even want to work with you.

If you keep your content nice and fresh through the summer months; if you update your blog, if you tell your followers what you’re up to on social media, it’ll be easier for people to find you, spend some time learning more about you, and then bookmark you for later.  Come September, you won’t get lost in the frantic online rabble of post-holiday updates.

The same goes for updating your CV and applying for new jobs.  Summer is the ideal time to do both, because you’ll have more breathing space to think about what you’re really good at, and more time to research the companies you’d most like to work for. 

That way, when you finally make your pitch it’ll be that much stronger.  You’ll already know how your dream companies like to be approached, and the best people to talk to.

If you've got ideas and no time (or even time and no ideas!) I’m available all summer long - aside from one measly week - to help your content creation along.  Simply get in touch to talk – if you’re local we can even go for ice-cream.

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