You're writing great content. So why aren't people reading it?

Log on to social media, and you’ll be instantly bombarded with list articles, ‘how-to’ pieces and blog posts that promise you the answers to all of life’s most annoying questions.  Not only that, but you’ll be pointed in the direction of umpteen websites, all of which promise to solve every problem you’ve ever experienced.

So you scroll fervently through, making a mental note to come back to that article about snail polishing…oh, and that website selling those illuminated flipflops looks good…and you’ve always wanted to know three great reasons why you should NEVER use Facebook to review breakfast cereal.

With so much content to choose from, it’s more important than ever that yours stands out.  People need a compelling reason to read your insightful blog, or your persuasive website copy, or that fantastic ebook you’ve spent hours getting just right.

So if your content isn’t quite cutting the mustard, here are a few tips to get people clicking.

Don’t be boring!

The quickest route to boring content is when you write only with yourself in mind, not your ideal audience. 

People are busy and their time is precious, so you need to spell out exactly what’s in it for them.  They don’t need to know how amazing you are, they just want to know what you’ll do for them – and if they’re lucky, how they’ll feel when you’ve done it.

Narrow your audience down

If you try to make your content appeal to everyone, it will be so bland that it’ll appeal to no-one.  

Imagine just one ideal customer, and then imagine you’re speaking only to that person as you write your content.   What sort of language do they communicate in?  What details would pique their interest?  

Don’t ramble on

Remember that most people click on blog posts or browse websites during their fleeting spare time.  They won’t have long to read your content, so don’t make it too long.  If browsers see that they can easily read your latest blog post with a quick coffee, they’ll be more likely to stay.  

This is the reason why list articles are so popular.  Readers know they’re going to get just three, five or nine (why is it never four, six or eight?) swift reasons to do something, not an epic novel’s worth.

So write clearly, don’t use complicated industry jargon, and separate your content into short, easy-to-read paragraphs.

Post regularly – and don’t forget to share!

Your content isn’t fresh out of ‘Field of Dreams’.  Write it, but don’t forget to tell them about it.

Share your content on your social media pages, and encourage your followers to share in turn.  If you can, link in with other people or businesses that complement what you do.

This will have even more impact if you post content regularly – before long, you can be seen as an expert in your chosen area, with people actively looking out for your next update!

Spell well

Bad spelling means key words will get missed by search engines, and you run the risk of distracting your readers, not to mention leaving people with the impression that you’re not very professional.  So ask someone else to check your content if you’re not confident.

Use catchy titles

What’s the essence of your content?  What will people be able to do better, or how are they likely to feel, once they’ve finished reading?  What problems are you solving for people?

Use these aspects as the starting point for your titles.  If you can be funny, do – but if you can’t, don’t try.  Be clear instead.

Too busy to write your own content in the run-up to a busy Christmas?  You’re just one short chat away from getting it all finished as if by magic!  Simply get in touch.

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