All Hail September, Month of New Beginnings

What is it about September?

As a month, it hasn’t got January’s dazzling cachet.  New Year’s Day is hard to beat when it comes to planning life-changing life changes, even though we know we’re doomed to fail over the gloomy days that follow. 

“Spring is the time of plans and projects…” Tolstoy once wrote.  But it’s the end of the financial year, the kids are about to break up from school, Easter chocolate and sunshine-painted holidays loom over the horizon, and…

…well, who’s got the time for plans and projects?

Meanwhile, September lingers patiently on the calendar, ready to help us shed the skin of summer. 

(We naturally crave renewal in autumn, which is why the September issues of glossy fashion magazines are considered to be the most important of the year).

And so, with the pressures of ‘new year, new me’ firmly off the table for a few more months, you can finally get your head down on those creative plans that have been feasting on your mind for what’s felt like forever.

Particularly when nasty global events (whose names I shall not mention) have forced lots of us into fluctuating phases of panic, mental paralysis, uneasy reflection, and planning for a rickety future.

There’s a lot to say about the different world we’ve all started slouching towards, and about the creative plans that are slowly swimming back into view. 

So, if there’s a potentially glorious book idea inside you, or you’ve been meaning to start a blog for aeons, but you just haven’t, September is the perfect time to make it all happen.

If you need some help, my six-week, Zoom-based Bodacious Blogging Course will be starting again in September…

…plus, I’ll be running some one-off, half-day workshops to help you kick off a new blogging habit, or shape your book or story idea into a project you can’t wait to work on…

plus, I offer guided writing coaching sessions, which can be as regular or as sporadic as you like.

To find out more, just ask

(And whatever you decide to do with this precious September, I hope it brings you happiness and success.  Odds are, you honestly deserve it). 

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