Welcome to the World of NinaTheWriter

Hello and welcome. In this, my very first blog post, let me outline a few house rules – just so we all know where we are. No yawning at the back, please!

  1. A writing-based blog post will appear here at least once each week
  2. There are no set rules for said blog post, as long as its focus is firmly on the wonders of the written word. It could be about CV writing, creating sparky copy for websites, tips for great speeches, or even the trials of setting out your weekly shopping list in an entertaining and readable manner
  3. I’ll try to impart information and knowledge in as quick, as friendly and as readable a manner as I possibly can
  4. If you recommend a friend for one of my writing services and they mention a blog post they particularly enjoyed, I’ll give them a discount. (Like most people, I do enjoy a bit of flattery from time to time…)

I’d love to hear your thoughts about writing and the power of words, so if something occurs to you when you read my posts or you’d just like to express an opinion, please don’t be shy – get in touch!

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