Give yourself a special Christmas gift...a happy working life in 2017!

I’ve been there.  You may have been, too.  With yet another Christmas approaching in a job you don’t particularly like, you’re looking forward to some time off.  But you still can’t quite tear yourself away from the online job boards…yes, you know it’s Christmas and hardly anyone will be recruiting, but it won’t hurt to have a quick check, surely?

You do, and as luck would have it, there are a good few ads you like the look of.  There’s only one problem – you still haven’t updated your CV.

You go home for the holidays, resolving to do some work on it so you’re all ready for the new year, but…well, you’ve got the family over, and there are so many people to catch up with. 

By the time the new year gets under way, you’ve been thinking about it all for so long that updating your CV and actually applying for jobs becomes a daunting task too long, hard and impossible to get started on.  Plus, it’s the New Year now, and well…you’re busy.

If you’re thinking about creating a better working life in 2017…something a bit more you, then using that little bit of ‘rest' time between Christmas and New Year can work wonders. 

Yes, I know….it’s Christmas – but trust me when I say that not only will it take far less time than you think, but you’ll also give yourself an exhilarating shot of motivation as you consider everything you’re good at, and everything you’ve achieved so far…as well as being more than ready to apply for all those new January jobs as soon as they’re posted!

Interested?  Here are a few tips to get you started.

What do you want?

A brand new year approaching is a fantastic time to consider not just what you’re good at, but what you actually want from your working life.  Would a new job – or even a whole new career – make you happier?  It could be that you’re not all that unhappy in your job, but there are a few changes you’d like to make.  Give some thought to that “in an ideal world…” scenario for a little while – is it really as impossible as it first appears?

Plan the first step

Of course, it’s not quite enough to sit around thinking about your ideal world…how will you bring it to life?  Think about a practical first step, so if it’s a new job you’re looking for, this could be making sure your CV is updated and ready for the new year.  If it’s a new career, you could try finding someone who already does what you’d like to do (LinkedIn is a great place for this) and inviting them out for a coffee and a motivational chat!  If it’s changes to your current role, it could be outlining a short proposal and making a plan to invite your manager for a New Year chat to discuss it.  You get the idea.

Recruit a motivational support team

Use the holidays to tell your friends and family all about your plans…yes, even if you’ve already been moaning about your job to them all year long!  Putting a voice to your plans will inspire you to make them real, plus you’ll get some much-needed support along the way.

Wishing you the very best of luck and lots of new year happiness – whatever you plan to do with 2017!  And remember, if you’d like to start work on a new CV or polish up your online presence, I’m on hand to help. 

(Yes, even during that bit between Christmas and New Year).

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