No job for life? How a tailored approach to job-hopping can win your next career move

Did you know that so-called 'job-hopping' can be an asset to your career search? Whether you prefer stability or excitement in your career, planning your next move is all about packaging your skills and making the right kind of approach.

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Why it's sometimes OK to turn down freelance work

Going freelance doesn't mean you have to accept every piece of work that comes your way.  Being discerning with your time and effort will help you reap the rewards of being your own boss...and you'll get to work with some great people too!

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How to write your first CV

Writing a CV is tough enough when you've got years of experience under your belt, but when you're just leaving education it often feels like you haven't got anything to shout about.  Here's how to write a first CV that will stand out from all those bland lists of education dates and shop jobs!

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