I write with you, not for you.

Working with me usually begins with a free, no-obligation chat, whether in person or over Skype. This is important, not just because I love listening almost as much as I love writing, but it also helps me understand exactly what you're looking for.

Perhaps more importantly, I'll pay close, non-judgemental attention to the words you naturally use. Your content has to reflect you, not me, and it has to speak with your voice, not mine.

The result is a completely original blend of your approach, ideas, and language, with my creativity, structure, and careful attention to detail. This is a powerful combination that produces unique and fresh content other people feel compelled to read.

Oh, and don't worry if you're not sure exactly what you want me to write just yet. Your ideas don't need to be fully formed before we speak - sometimes, it takes a guided conversation to bring them out.

Take a look through the services I offer, and if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, talk to me. I'm not put off by 'out there' ideas - in fact, they're the ones I tend to love the most.

You can use the link below to schedule in a free, no-obligation chat with me.

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YourLifeScribe - Personalised writing for lifely events, including:

  • - Online dating profiles
  • - Eulogies
  • - Writing to commemorate a special event (a milestone birthday, for example)
  • - Wedding and event speech writing
  • - Ghostwritten personal memoirs
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YourCareerScribe - Personalised writing to galvanise your career, including:

  • - CV writing, particularly for first and career change CVs that need added sparkle and personality
  • - Cover letter writing
  • - Career-based letters, such as flexible work requests, sabbatical requests, or even salary increase requests (These will be written with full consideration of current employment legislation requirements)
  • - LinkedIn profiles
  • - Presentation wording

Personal, 'been-there-done-that' interview coaching and advice can be added on to any CV package.

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YourCompanyScribe - Personalised writing for SMEs and startups, including:

  • - Professional blog writing
  • - Website copy
  • - Company mission and value statements
  • - Recruitment ad wording

My former life as an HR Manager means I can also be very helpful with CV screening and candidate interviewing, providing an informed outsider's perspective.

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I love hearing about new ideas, so if there's something you've got in mind that isn't listed here, please...

get in touch

PS: I also offer a non-judgemental review, editing, and proofreading service for anything you've written yourself.