I'm a friendly and professional writer, reviewer and editor who works with warmth, humour and flexibility

I'm a friendly and professional writer, reviewer and editor who works with warmth, humour and flexibility. Due to my extensive background in HR and recruitment I'm also able to help small businesses and startups with key recruitment needs such as CV screening and interviewing.

YourLifeScribe - Personalised writing for life events including:

  • - Online profiles, such as dating
  • - Eulogies
  • - Memoirs – for yourself or someone else
  • - Writing to commemorate a special event, such as a 'big' birthday
  • - Speech writing, such as for weddings
  • - Ghostwriting services
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YourCareerScribe - Personalised writing for your career including:

  • - CV writing, particularly for 'first' and 'career change' CVs that need added sparkle and personality
  • - Cover letter writing
  • - Career-based letters, such as flexible work requests, sabbatical requests or even salary increase requests (These will be written with full consideration of current employment legislation requirements)
  • - Online career profiles, such as LinkedIn
  • - Wording for presentations

Interview coaching and advice is also available and can be added on to any CV package.

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YourCompanyScribe - Personalised writing for SMEs and startups including:

  • - Professional blog writing
  • - Website copy
  • - Company mission and value statements
  • - Advertisement wording (such as for a recruitment ad)
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Assistance with key recruitment needs is also available, such as CV screening and candidate interviewing.

The above are all examples of the services I offer. I'm very flexible and open to suggestions for projects – I love hearing about new ideas almost as much as I love writing, so if there's something you've got in mind that isn't listed here, please

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I also offer a professional review, editing and proofreading service for anything you've written yourself.