I just wanted to say that I think you did a super job on my CV, and I very much appreciated the conversation we had as part of the process - I really felt that you were trying to understand my motivations and priorities in order to reflect them well on the CV, and I think it does just that!

- Mark, London – Career Change CV

You save us time and money by always writing suitable content in a very short time frame. I spend hours trying to find the right words, whereas you quickly turn my scribblings and ‘brain dumps’ into professional and appealing content that represents our voice. You have a great deal of creativity, which invigorates our somewhat ‘boring’ (but hugely important) information with life and personality – and you include relevant messages that appeal to our audience, rather than confusing technical jargon from the industry

- Kim Aaronricks, Accountancy Marketing Manager – Website Content/Blogging

After giving Nina a brief idea of what I wanted writing.  I was then able to get on with my day and focus on what I'm good at.  

I was absolutely delighted to find her work in my inbox.  Not only was it completed in a timely fashion, but written in a far better way than if I'd written it myself, and without the stress and the numerous rewrites it would have taken.  I was worried it might not sound like me, but it did, and it flowed better.

- Tracy Swindell, Owner, One Body Coach – Website Content

We were lucky enough to find Nina at exactly the right time for our business. It was our first year online, we were growing rapidly and needed to maintain our momentum. Nina fit in perfectly right from the start, and without her we certainly wouldn’t have been able to maintain the same level of growth and success that we have achieved to date. We would not hesitate to recommend her – as much as we’d like to keep her all to ourselves!

- Dawn Crawford, Owner, Host Unusual – Property Listings/Blogging

Nina is a fantastic storyteller with a wonderful imagination – and she could spell 'aeroplane' at the age of three which impresses me to this day!

- Margaret McDonald, Fife – From my Nan - just because she loves me!

Nina, you are a life saver in terms of the time you save me working on specific clients. Because of the quality of your work and the values you share with me we are able to work together seamlessly and deliver real value to the client by creating truly valuable and useful content. Since we've been working together the average time spent on one of my clients’ websites have increased considerably over the last 6 months - average stay on site was under 2 mins in January and is now about 3.40 (Sept 17)

- Sam Bailey, Owner, Silver Compass Digital – Website Content/Blogging

It has made my life easier knowing that I have someone I trust to write my blogs in a manner and way that I want. Using your template has really help me focus on exactly what I want to be presented.  It was really helpful us having our chat to come up with ideas, and it really was an informal chat with ideas just coming out.  I can honestly say I have never had such an enjoyable and easy brainstorming session!

- Louise Johnson, Owner, The Body Matters – Website Copy/Blogging

I was bumbling my way through my social media and other media copy without any confidence or coherence in my content. Nina took the fuzz away and I was amazed at how accurately she could describe me from just a short meeting. The confidence and clear perspective of how to talk to my target clients has lead to a huge increase in my client base, and my social media profile is much stronger as a direct result from Nina’s amazing work. I am no longer scared to post about my business on Facebook as I now understand how to talk to my audience.

- Samantha Lindsay, Owner, My Mortgage Angel – LinkedIn Profile/Social Media Content

Unlike some other copywriters and marketing professionals we’ve worked with, Nina took the time to understand our business and listen to our needs.  Others we have worked with took their own ideas and developed them without understanding our industry, which ultimately delivered the wrong message. We have now had great feedback from customers and business associates – which is a true testimony to Nina’s work.

- Kirsty Powell, Director, Chef's Choice Ltd. – Website Copy

With basic information Nina’s relaxed and in some places humorous writing style can turn what can be a boring subject into something interesting for people to read. We track where all our clients originate from and we’ve turned many prospects from our database into buying clients off the back of the e-shots and newsletters that Nina has written. The well-written e-shots have now become one of our most productive marketing channels, and we’ve also had various clients comment on the really good variety of content we are delivering. Nina always delivers the tasks on time and on most occasions in a shorter timeframe than agreed.

- Anthony Booty, Client Services Director, Guardian Exhibition & Display – Blogging/Eshot Content