I write from your heart.

Writing and delivering my Nan's eulogy was the best way I could think of to commemorate her amazing life. It also showed me how important it is, to be able to express deeply personal sentiments in a way that other people can understand and relate to.

Meanwhile, writing about yourself is notoriously difficult. Most of us either undersell ourselves, or we try too hard to impress, with flowery language we'd never use when we speak. While these approaches are completely normal, they won't help when you need to connect personally with readers, such as when you're writing an online dating profile, or a personal memoir.

I take a completely non-judgemental approach to personal storytelling, which means I'll listen to what you really want to say. Then, I'll help you say it in a way that not only reflects who you are, but encourages others to empathise and connect with you.

Below are some of the personal writing services I provide:

  • - Online profiles, such as dating
  • - Eulogies
  • - Memoirs – for yourself or someone else
  • - Writing to commemorate a special event, such as a 'big' birthday
  • - Speech writing, such as for weddings
  • - Ghostwriting services

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