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Hello and welcome.

You won’t be at all surprised to learn that I’m Nina, and I’m a writer. (If you are surprised, please go to the back of the class immediately).

I write various articles, blog posts, and books: mostly as myself but sometimes for and as others, too. I also mentor budding writers on occasion.

If there’s something you think I could help with, feel free to send me an email. In the meantime, you can learn more about me and my writing right here.

Getting lost in words is one of my favourite things to do, whether I’m writing my own or reading other people’s.

Good writing is a lot like magic. It has the power to connect, reveal, and resonate deeply across centuries in ways that other forms of creativity can’t touch.

When I was a kid, my dream was to be like my favourite authors, Enid Blyton and Oscar Wilde. I wanted to write stories that people would re-read and remember, because of how those stories made them feel.

I’m not a kid anymore, but writing is still my favourite thing to do. People I didn’t know said I was quite good at it. Some of my writing went on to win prizes (not the Booker… yet) and be published (not anywhere stellar… yet).

But by the time I finally ditched the bland corporate career I started by accident and became an Actual Writer, I was almost middle-aged.

You can call this an oversight on my part. That, and a woeful lack of confidence that I’ve since reframed as: “we’re all pretending we know what we’re doing and navigating the messiness of life as best we can, so I might as well be exactly who and what I want, and see if the world falls in”.

So far, it hasn’t.

As an introvert and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person – yes, it’s an actual thing) I find social media too shouty and distracting to spend any valuable time in. So I don’t.

My blog, therefore, is the best place for you to get to know me… if, of course, you feel like you want to.

Along with ramblings about (my) life, I use it to talk about the writing I’m doing in other parts of the internet, or indeed the world at large.

(I realise it’s all getting a tad ‘me me me’, but come on… this is my website).


Now, continuing the narcissistic theme for a moment, here are some light-hearted facts about… (drumroll, please) ME.

  • I once won a bag of out-of-date honeycomb and a Bic biro for having the best handwriting in my school.
  • In 2019, I won a nationwide poetry competition hosted by Welcome Gym. I strongly suspect that mine was the only entry.
  • I didn’t know I was an introvert, until a personality test I took for work described me as one. It was a revelation.
  • I spent five years trying to learn Russian, in an attempt to understand War and Peace in the original language. That didn’t happen, but I can order an elaborate meal and complete a small selection of children’s crosswords.
  • In an effort to be more spontaneous, I signed up for improvised comedy classes. I was too scared to perform my comedy on stage, but I did end up meeting the love of my life, so it all worked out in the end.
  • My first book received a one-star review on Amazon, titled ‘What a load of twaddle’. It felt like I’d arrived.
  • I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a crazy cat lady, but I love my two cats more than some members of my family.
  • I used to volunteer for The Samaritans, a listening charity that changed my life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed all this blatant me-ness. If you did, maybe I’ll see you around. (If you didn’t, what on Earth are you still doing here? Go forth and enjoy your life).


“I’m continually amazed by how you really can write about anything!”

Kim Aaronricks

“Your writing is completely free of any waffly-markety-bollocks.”

S. T.

“She just gets what you want, sometimes I think she is actually in my head! Best writer I've ever used!” 

Diane Birch

“Literally the best copywriter I have ever used.”

Sam Bailey

“Nina is a lovely woman, a wonderful writer, and someone I wholeheartedly recommend.”

Ross Willsher

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