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Writing in your voice

My first online course, How to Write Your Life Story, is live!

Hello. I’m Nina, and I’m a writer.

I write for people and businesses who want to make a powerful personal impact in words.

You've got a way of communicating - of being in the world -  that other people know and love you for.  It's a big part of what makes you, you.

(This applies to businesses as well as people.  Every successful brand has its own distinctive voice).

If you can weave that unique essence into your writing, you'll have the best chance of engaging and enthralling the right readers.

So my special talent, if you can call it that, is writing as you, at your articulate and compelling best.

It's a talent I use to create addictively readable web copy, blog posts, articles, poems, stories, books, speeches, business profiles, CVs, and eulogies (not necessarily in that order).

I also train and mentor people who want to write something they care about.

That’s the who and what covered.

Want to know more about the why, how, and where?

Keep browsing, or book your favourite time for a chat.


“I’m continually amazed by how you really can write about anything!”

Kim Aaronricks

“Your writing is completely free of any waffly-markety-bollocks.”

S. T.

“She just gets what you want, sometimes I think she is actually in my head! Best writer I've ever used!” 

Diane Birch

“Literally the best copywriter I have ever used.”

Sam Bailey

“Nina is a lovely woman, a wonderful writer, and someone I wholeheartedly recommend.”

Ross Willsher

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